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What Is Poverty?

What is Poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker

Girls Girls Girls_______

Heard something? yes that's is something when defining guys, girls girls girls and all the times girls, talking about girls, thinking about girls, dreaming about girls, fighting with girls, that's a special species called BOYS.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Awi Won


Results Announced But

Hello Everyone
Blogs Marks Are Announced And I Got 14 Out Of 15
But I Want To Share With You All That Now I Am Much Much More Excited Even Million Times More Than I Was Excited About Blog Marks.
I Got 14 Out Of 15 And I Am Happy, But If I Get What I Am Expecting And Praying For And About That I Am Going To Know Only Within Few Minutes From Now And I Am Very Excited And Scared About That And If I Get That, That Will Be The Happiest Moment In My Recent History.
*Fingers Crossed*
Please Pray For My Awi Hope She Wins The Competition In Sha Allah

Waiting For Results

Completed My Blog In Time And Sent The Links To My Teacher 3 Minutes Before Deadline. Wow I’m Incredible, Aren’t I?

And Now I Am Very Excited About The Results Hoping Very Good Marks But We Never Know, Lets See How Much Everyone Gets And Whose Blogs Teacher Likes And Whose Blogs She Dislikes. I Tried My Best And Expecting Her Best.

I’ll Post Marks As Soon As I Get Them In Sha Allah.

Keep Reading Blog Friends.

10 Common Expressions in English

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls Girls Girls_____

Heard something? yes that's is something when defining guys, girls girls girls and all the times girls, talking about girls, thinking about girls, dreaming about girls, fighting with girls, that's a special species called BOYS.
And there is always a debate who are better? girls or boys.
Presumed the topic of my blog post? How can you expect such a common topic from such a unique person. (hehe)
The thing i am going to discuss is about the power of girls, and that came in my mind a couple of days ago when i was walking with my erudite and genius friend Mukhtiar.
He offered me betel nuts (Supari) and i refused, he insisted and i refused again but Sindhi blood how can he not offer again, he insisted me again and then i told him dude I'm not allowed. He inquired me by who, a girl? I answered yes who else dude, I am not gay like you. Then what else can we expect from a poet, he got a chance to throw his rotten poetry on my face, he said ("Chori cheez hi airi aahe whov' chay'e kirr khuuwa' me ta kirri payo") I pray to God that you don't understand this otherwise Mukhtiar will kill me for insulting him. But it means 'Girls are like this if they tell us to jump into well we will'.
And yes many of you do have a problem if I call Mukhtiar a genius, and you must have laughed over what he said but look it a bit deeper it is not only him who says this, a russian intellectual also said, "Women can do anything, because they govern those who govern everything.". Girls can make boys do anything!

The Last Hour

Only One Hour In Submission Of Blog, Will I Do It? Or Not? To Know That Keep Reading my Blog ;)

What Is Poverty

We are a great nation, and another greatness of us is that we love answering, doesn’t matter right or wrong. In the examination hall we get questions which we don’t understand so we write answers which our teachers don’t understand. on the roads if someone asks for directions or address we always answer them not thinking twice if we are sure about that or not, will our answer help them or waste their time. In homes we answer in lies forgetting our responsibilities towards them.
This is a question but If we take a survey in our society, I bet we will get a variety of answers. Most people’s answer will be (Roti, Kapra Aur Makaan) Poverty is lack of food, clothes and shelter. Are we serious? Are we analyzing the question? Are we doing any research? Are we even thinking anything at all? We are repeating the words which we are fed through media and strong political party in our minds like a parrot.
And in Quran advices us that if we don’t know something we should consult to someone who knows, so for our question we should consult a lady who is very poor and had written about her poverty and our teacher has given us that article it is “What is Poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker”.
Lady Jo Goodwin Parker says, poverty is dirty, smelly, tiring, polite, listening. It’s easy to say in our clean clothes coming from our clean houses, “Anybody can be clean.” But Mrs. Parker explains us about housekeeping without money. For breakfast she gives her children grits with no oleo or cornbread without eggs and oleo. She washes dishes in cold water with no soap. Her hands are cracked and red. And when she saved two months for Vaseline baby’s diaper the price went up by two cents and she and her baby suffered on. Poverty is staying up all night on cold nights and watching gnats and flies devour your baby’s tears when he cries in summer. Poverty means insects in your food, in your nose, in your eyes and crawling over you when you sleep. Poverty is asking for help. Poverty is looking into black future. The dream of poor is a dream of time when there is monkey, money for the right kinds of food, for worm medicine, for iron pills, for toothbrushes, for hand cream, for a hammer and nails for a shovel for paint, needles, and thread. A dream of time when you don’t have to tell your story of being poor to everyone and get pity.
We all dream and go through different changes in life. We all should respect everyone and help everyone, and help the poor instead of looking at them with hatred and pity.
That’s all I want to say to my readers, even if one person changes after reading it and looks at poor with the eye of understanding and helping instead of pity I will feel that as my success because full marks in my project will only benefit me but if one person changes it will benefit whole society.

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