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What is Poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker

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Heard something? yes that's is something when defining guys, girls girls girls and all the times girls, talking about girls, thinking about girls, dreaming about girls, fighting with girls, that's a special species called BOYS.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starting My Blog

Assalamu Alaykum
I'm Starting Up My University English Blog "Sarfaraz English". This Is The Assigned Project For My Semester  And Worth 10 Marks. 4 Marks Out Of Which Depends On My Content, 2 On Presentation, 2 On Followers, And 2 On Spellings/Grammar.
What Are You Waiting For? If You Want To Help Me, FOLLOW My Blog Please. I Would Appreciate Your Comments Always.
Well Still Lots To Think What To Write I Need 10 Posts At Least And I Guess My Teacher Won't Count This One In, (lol).
And I Wouldn't Mind To Put My Friend's Blogs Links On Mine If They Do Same.
We All Still Have Some Confusions Though, Our Teacher Told Us To Share Our Blogs With Us So She Can Keep Checking, So, When Will She Give Up Marks And On What Decision? On 10 Visits Of Her To My Blog? Or Presentation Of My Blog On The Date Of Submission ?
Hoping To Get A Comment From My Teacher Here :P
Well Wish Me Best Of Luck
Thank Your For Reading. I'll Appreciate Your Comments.

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