Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sweet Truth

“The truth is ‘Hate Speech’ only to those who have something to hide'"

There is a very popular saying “Truth Is Always Bitter”, my argument is, to whose taste? Not to mine at least! Why do we always speak the truth in a way that hurts others?, why in a harsh tone?, do we think about everything else before blaming the truth? Truth in fact is of very sweet taste. Truth is the most fascinating and romantic speech. Truth, no matter how simple and poorly decorated, speaks for itself. Truth conveys your honesty, respect to others, intention not to deceive, love without make-up, and a shoulder to lean on, and a hand of support and trust.

Confessing your crime to someone itself tells them that you did not intend to deceive or cheat, telling someone your feelings itself shows the simplicity, honesty, truthfulness, and depth of your feelings. Speaking truth to teachers and parents itself shows respect and honor for them.
There is a popular saying, “Lie has no feet”. Imagine if someone lies to her friend about how she looks just so she doesn’t hurt her or to be sweet, how would her impression be if she is disrespected or made fun of in a party? On the other hand she could easily speak the truth and take part in the grooming and betterment of her friend and society in all manners.

“The best thing about truth is that you don’t have to remember it”. Even a single guilt or shameful feeling is enough to disturb your peace, sleep, and heart. So why not always speak the truth and stay safe from the frustration.

Muslims send curse to themselves while reciting Quran if they are liars. As Muslims we believe that we are always winners no matter what the short term result is. So instead of being cowards for problems and lying we should be truthful and have faith in Allah and do what Allah has ordered us, always to speak the truth.

I just want to advice and share what I learnt from whole of my life that lie has no feet, and one day or the other truth will come out and will effect multiple times more than what it will do today, so better face it today!


True... Nice message... Could do with a few more pics :P

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