Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls Girls Girls_____

Heard something? yes that's is something when defining guys, girls girls girls and all the times girls, talking about girls, thinking about girls, dreaming about girls, fighting with girls, that's a special species called BOYS.
And there is always a debate who are better? girls or boys.
Presumed the topic of my blog post? How can you expect such a common topic from such a unique person. (hehe)
The thing i am going to discuss is about the power of girls, and that came in my mind a couple of days ago when i was walking with my erudite and genius friend Mukhtiar.
He offered me betel nuts (Supari) and i refused, he insisted and i refused again but Sindhi blood how can he not offer again, he insisted me again and then i told him dude I'm not allowed. He inquired me by who, a girl? I answered yes who else dude, I am not gay like you. Then what else can we expect from a poet, he got a chance to throw his rotten poetry on my face, he said ("Chori cheez hi airi aahe whov' chay'e kirr khuuwa' me ta kirri payo") I pray to God that you don't understand this otherwise Mukhtiar will kill me for insulting him. But it means 'Girls are like this if they tell us to jump into well we will'.

And yes many of you do have a problem if I call Mukhtiar a genius, and you must have laughed over what he said but look it a bit deeper it is not only him who says this, a russian intellectual also said, "Women can do anything, because they govern those who govern everything.". Girls can make boys do anything!


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