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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Awi Won


Results Announced But

Hello Everyone
Blogs Marks Are Announced And I Got 14 Out Of 15
But I Want To Share With You All That Now I Am Much Much More Excited Even Million Times More Than I Was Excited About Blog Marks.
I Got 14 Out Of 15 And I Am Happy, But If I Get What I Am Expecting And Praying For And About That I Am Going To Know Only Within Few Minutes From Now And I Am Very Excited And Scared About That And If I Get That, That Will Be The Happiest Moment In My Recent History.
*Fingers Crossed*
Please Pray For My Awi Hope She Wins The Competition In Sha Allah

Waiting For Results

Completed My Blog In Time And Sent The Links To My Teacher 3 Minutes Before Deadline. Wow I’m Incredible, Aren’t I?

And Now I Am Very Excited About The Results Hoping Very Good Marks But We Never Know, Lets See How Much Everyone Gets And Whose Blogs Teacher Likes And Whose Blogs She Dislikes. I Tried My Best And Expecting Her Best.

I’ll Post Marks As Soon As I Get Them In Sha Allah.

Keep Reading Blog Friends.

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